Аbout us

Our mission is to help owners of urbanized land near Sofiiski airport and nearby areas to sell their property.

Our vision is to meet the interests of property owners with entrepreneurs and investors to make this area a profitable and comfortable business people - employees and business owners.

Our values are: kindness, expertise and support to address the specific needs of people in the field of real estate.

We are focused:

- The first step to prepare property between terminal 1 and 2 for a successful sale. To find investors - buyers.

- For the second stage is preparing to implement a project for the sale of urban properties of Abdovitsa, Milenkov and Busmantsi for business and residential buildings.

We have partnerships with financiers, architects, builders, developers, investors, notaries and acquaintances with senior officials of the departments carrying out INVESTMENT process.

Our services are used by more than 100 owners heirs of estates.

We are known on the web, our counseling, and ads have a place in many leading portals and websites in the country and the world.

We have knowledge and experience in transactions with businesses and individuals

In our team there are estate agents with more than 20 years of experience.

Our goals are creative in discovering innovative opportunities for successful achievement of the objectives and conceptual needs.