New stations to the airport

09.03.2015 г.

The new stations are ready and make tests of trains on the route to the airport, ish route to Business Park 4.

Around 116 million. Euro is the total investment for the project, as it except EU money - 105 million. Euro and enter co-financing state and the municipality. After two extensions of the metro - from "Tsarigradsko Shosse" airport and "Mladost 1" to the business park, be ready, 90,000 passengers will join the nearly 300,000 who now use the metro daily.


Here are the new metro projects presented by the head of "Metropolitan" Mr. Bratoev.




"Airport" Sofia"

“Iskar road”



Developments are the work of Bulgarian architects, having already experienced in designing stations. Ideas to present station "Alexander Malinov" as a green forest "Acad. Alexander Balan "as part of the urban landscape and scored for the first time in" Sofia Airport "huge pots with evergreen trees are Irena Derlipanska. It was designed before it stops "Hope" and "White River". The author of the original ceramic paintings depicting the pond with water lilies in the project "Druzhba" is architect Krasen Andreev. His work Visions of "Serdika", "Sofia University" and "Mladost 3". Proposal for extravagant purple station "Iskar road" to Konstantin Kosev, who designed the first "James Boucher" and "Tsarigradsko Shosse". Colorful geometric shapes of "Business Park", symbolizing accuracy as an element of business success, have an idea of international couple Elena and Farid Paktiaval. They are the authors of the NPC stations, "European Union", "Mladost 1" and "Musagenitsa". Tanko Serafimov is the architect who has offered you the courageous decision ground station before the airport - "Sofia Mount Athos", to be in the current hi-tech style and lack of decorations to be compensated by the play of light on glass, chrome and metal surfaces.


"Business Park" Accuracy as a guarantee for success in business is the desired effect of the original combination of granite with colorful geometric shapes on the walls, floor and ceiling of the station 16 in the "Mladost 4"

„Acad. Alexander Teodorov - Balan“

Combination of purple and gray granite walls and floor in combination with square lamps hanging from the ceiling, brings a stylish atmosphere at station 21 in the "Druzhba 1".


"Sofia Mount Athos" The design style of hi-tech station 22 in the industrial area before the airport will create a sense of journey into the future."Alexander Malinov" At station 14 to store "Denitsa" in "Mladost" passengers will wait for the train in "forest of trees green crowns ".




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